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Herndon movers is the long distance mover with low rates and great moving service.
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If your move is between states and out of states,  Herndon movers are the long distance movers that answer with efficiency.
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We offer international moving services, including storage to simplify your move abroad.
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None Binding estimate The first type of moving estimate is a called none binding estimate. After evaluating your goods, the mover will provide you with the estimated cost of the move.
Though they will give you the best estimate possible, the mover won't be able to tell you the actual cost of the move until everything is weighed on your moving day. Once your shipment is weighed, your  Herndon movers will adjust the price. Depending on whether the shipment is more or less than what was estimated, the cost will either increase or decrease Binding Estimates
Nonbinding estimates have a level of uncertainty, however if you receiving binding estimates, you will know exactly what you will be paying. With a binding estimate, the mover will assess your goods and give you an estimate for the move. This estimate is concrete and will not change depending on the actual weight of the shipment.
The good thing about binding estimates is that the of your estimate will not increase, even if the actual weight is high above what was estimated. However, if the weight of your shipment is below the estimate, you still have to pay the agreed-upon price. While this may be a gamble, binding estimates are helpful because they allow you to know in advance what you will pay.
Binding Not-To-Exceed
Binding not-to-exceed estimates are the best option for you, so make sure you ask your potential moving company if they can provide it. With the binding not-to-exceed estimate, the cost of your move will never go above the estimated price. At the same time, if the total weight of the shipment is actually lower than what is estimated, the price will be lowered. Since the price will be adjusted only if it is lower, binding not-to-exceed estimates are your best option.
Now that you know about the three types of moving estimates, remember to ask any potential mover which types they will offer. This way, you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.


  • When packing the box on the truck, keep the packed picture on its side, not flat. The picture will absorb pressure easier on its edge than when flat.
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom
  • Keep an inventory list of each box and its contents. This will be necessary if a box goes missing and you need to make a claim.
  • Ask about all charges.
  • •Fill free spots with lighter linens. This can be done with your washer and dryer, and the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator.



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